Impression MAF2015



The Metropolitain Art Fair - MAF - wants to connect selected artists from various disciplines with an interested audience.

The MAF was founded in 2011 by Ursula Tuczka, still president of the Metropolitain Art Club. The idea is based on international experience of open-minded, self-marketed artists willing to show their portfolio to a wider audience, and to bridge the gap between the art market, galleries and sponsored art exhibitions.

In 2017 the MAF will be held for the 5th time in the historic Gardenpalais in Vienna which serves as a museum as well. The MAF is open for all kinds of professional artists in the fine arts section. For application guidelines please read the CALL4ARTISTS section. This year we are proud to present art works by the international well recognized artist Raymond Pettibon and photographer Cyril Helnwein.

The next MAF will take place from 19 -21 of May 2017 in Vienna´s beautiful Gardenpalais Schoenborn. Beside a selection of YOUNG TALENTS curated by Julia Hartmann (art historian) we will show you also present highlights of the Austrian art scene.



Being in NYC Ursula Tuczka stayed at her friends place, Diane Howells, in Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn. Diane, who worked with Woody Allen in the film industry at that time, both being artsy, talking art and visiting artists, Ursula, was looking for an appropriate name for her art club. She thought it would be nice to have a name like Metropolitan embracing the openness of and wideness of the idea of the art club she came across with. Her friend Diane warned her about the American law where the name Metropolitan was already taken by an art institution. After a few hours talk, a few ideas of names who made it to the shortlist and a sleepless night Ursula came up with the name METROPOLITAIN not thinking that the french underground is called the same way, but it perfectly fitted the idea of the approach to promote emerging artists and work with professional artists. 

Back in Austria, the Metropolitain Kunstverein was founded in March 2006 being called METROPOLITAIN ART CLUB.