The application process has been closed.

  1. Please send a PDF to maf2017@metropolitain.at including 3-6 pics of your work, your bio/CV/vita and website plus contact details. If the selection committee  needs more information, we will contact you.
  2. Our jury will select up to 30 participants to join us at the MAF 2017. You will be informed until 15th of March 2017 at the latest.
  3. After being chosen, the participation fee has to be transferred (details see below). With your payment you agree to our terms of condition. Our fee includes a booth/a space for showing your art at Gardenpalais Schoenborn, all marketing and PR agendas and special events.


°°°THE selection committee


°°°participation fee

€ 390,- includes a space for hanging and/or showing your art work. We reserved the whole first floor for the MAF at Gardenpalais Schoenborn. The fee also covers organizational costs, goodie bags, all events organized by Metropolitain Art Club for this fair, marketing/print/design activities, newsletter  and more. Also, on a shared model basis the artists retains 70% and the Metropolitain Art Club retains 30% of all of his/her art sales.

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1) Submission of participation until 3rd of February, 2017. 3-6 images of your art work, a bio/CV/vita as a PDF file are required to be sent to maf2017@metropolitain.at 

2) The jury will make its selection until 15th of March 2017, the nominated artists will be contacted in writing/per e-mail.

3) After nomination the participation fee of € 390,- becomes payable by 30th of March 2017.

4) 30% of sales proceeds of the art works sold are payable to the Metropolitain Art Club.

5) The presence of the artist at the fair (MAF) is desired and part of the concept of this specific art fair. The presence of the artists is especially asked during special events and the opening.



1) Listing of all participating artists in press releases and on this website in a separated section.

2) Broad marketing initiatives including flyers, posters, press etc.

3) Provision of a (wall)space for each artist of at least 10 sqm. to show the art work, the hanging can be done directly on the wall in most places. The space will be allocated by default, sculptures will be placed separately.

4) Organization of various events such as Art Night, Art Breakfast, Talk(s) and many more (they will be listed separately on time in the EVENT section)

5) Assistance and support during the event.



For the first time we will have 3 sections to be part of at the MAF:

1) YOUNG TALENTS _ a curated selection of international talents under the age of 35 years old, curated by Julia Hartmann, 21erHaus/Belvedere.

2) EMERGING  ARTISTS _ the main section we are aiming at talented artists with a proven record of exhibitions and education, curated by the Selection Committee..

3) PROFESSIONALS _ talented, international recognized artists with a proven record of exhibitions with or without an academic education, curated by Ursula Tuczka.

Applicants may apply for section 2  without further notice. The Selection Committee will make the classification. Just send your application including 3-6 art works plus vita/CV in a PDF to maf2017@metropolitain.at .



The first MAF took place in 2011 at the Le Meridien hotel in Vienna hosting up to 20 artists. The MAF2017 will now have more than 30 artists showing with a small curated group of young talents, curated by Julia Hartmann/21er Haus. We try to keep the number of participating artists reasonable in order to keep up to the highest standards of our visitors and art buyers. This year we also will cooperate with the Galerienverband to determine our approach as a platform for self-motivated artists with or without galleries. This will also help participating artists to find a gallery and be placed in the art market. In 2012 the MAF was successfully held in Munich, Germany and further destinations abroad are upon the radar.

In terms of statistics, all artists showing at the MAF sell more than one piece of art each (on the average 1.7 pieces of art is sold per artists participating at MAF2015). In former times prices of the art works were limited up to € 5.000,- at the first MAF but have no upper limit anymore. We have fair prices for the artists (we serve a shared model 70% to 30% in favor of the artist) and bring visitors, art buyers, galleries and interestees thru special art events. The opening of the MAF2015 hosted around 600 visitors, and the space was limited. This year the whole first floor of the beautiful, baroque Gardenpalais Schönborn is reserved for this art fair which also provides much more for the artists showing.